The evolution of the silencer
for mt-10 has arrived!

The evolution of the silencer for mt-10 has arrived!

We are glad to unveile our new applications range – Euro 5 compliant – for Yamaha MT-10 m.y. 2022-2023.

The slip-on mufflers have always represented the first step in terms of tuning process. For the maxi-naked made in Hamamatsu, SC-Project developed two different options: CR-T and S1 mufflers.

In the large products range of SC-Project, the CR-T muffler has always represented the most iconic exhaust born for racing in MotoGP and Moto2 championships. For Yamaha MT-10 this aggressive slip-on is available in full Euro 5 compliance and it is manufactured with a sporty mesh on the muffler output to give 100% racing look.

In case you prefer a more sofisticated approach to the tuning, the conical shape combined with essential lines and the elegant end cap in carbon fiber, make the S1 silencer a benchmark in terms of aesthetic and sound emotion: in total respect of Euro 5 regulation.

  • Weight save til up 0.7 kg
  • All these silencers are Euro 5 compliant
  • CR-T muffler available in titanium or carbon fiber and equipped with racing-look mesh on the output muffler
  • S1 muffler available in titanium with carbon fiber end cap