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The slip-on mufflers have always represented the first step in terms of tuning process.
In the large products range of SC-Project, the S1 muffler has always represented the perfect combination of lightness, design and sound without compromise, especially for the racing use but even for the Euro 4 and Euro 5 compliant applications where available.

The conical shape combined with essential lines and the elegant end cap in carbon fiber, make the S1 silencer a benchmark in terms of aesthetic and sound emotion. The absolute top quality finish of the outer sleeve in ultra-light titanium, the TIG weldings handcrafted in protected environment, the accuracy of the carbon fiber end cap shape, are a pure joy for the look of the bike.

The S1 muffler created by SC-Project R&D department, it is a worldwide reference in terms of design and one of the most common choice for many riders of naked and sport bikes.

Another unbelievable experience comes when you turn on the engine of your bike: the strong and deep sound of SC-Project S1 exhaust will be an unforgettable experience. For some applications, this muffler is available in two options: natural titanium of matt-black with ceramic painted.