SC-Project is the leading company in the development, design and production of exhaust systems for motorcycles, both racing and road.

SC-Project was officially established in 2006. Right from the start, the goal is to bring the excellence of “Made in Italy” all over the world. The use of the best materials and the best technologies, combined with design and continuous research, have always distinguished our product.

SC-Project’s headquarters are located in Cassinetta di Lugagnano, in the Milan metropolitan area, a very close distance from the city and not far from Malpensa airport. It is composed of four adjacent buildings (three connected together) that develop a total area of over 15,000 square meters of which 8,000 square meters are covered.

More than 100 employees work in this facility including engineers, technicians, administrators and skilled workers.

SC-Project products are distributed all over the world.

Exhaust systems for motorcycles

Our exhaust systems are divided into two macro-categories: approved for road use (Euro3,  Euro4 and Euro5) and for race use only (Racing).

For products for road use, the entire homologation process is handled internally by the engineers of the technical department. Each silencer must scrupulously comply with the strict homologation standards: only after phonometric tests, performance tests on the test bench and control of polluting emissions, can the exhaust be homologated. For this reason, we rely on TÜV SÜD Italia.

The racing exhaust systems are completely developed by our engineers in the racing department. The experience gained on the racetracks in the most important world competitions is transferred directly to the final product to offer extreme performance.

Every SC-Project silencer must have these characteristics: quality and performance always at the highest levels.

R&D Department

The R&D department takes care of the design, the choice of materials and the research of the most innovative technologies to always have a product at the top. Every shape, colour, material, position or solution is thought of exactly in the style of the bike for which it is intended. We use CAD/CAM and 3D modelling software, rapid prototyping tools and 3D printing for maximum precision in every project. Nothing is left to chance. Every product must have a precise DNA, that of SC-Project. Research is increasingly intense, in order to be able to combine design and performance in a single product, without compromise.

Racing Department

The Racing Department is developed in an area of the company with a size of over 700 square meters where our engineers have always worked closely with the best technicians of the best teams in the world of competitions. This continuous and reciprocal exchange of information and technologies allows the introduction of racing know-how on models intended for private customers. The development of exhaust systems is done internally, with long sessions on the test bench and endless tests with different materials and models to achieve the maximum performance increase.

Production Technologies and Materials

SC-Project’s goal is to maintain the highest level of excellence in the study, design and industrialization of exhaust systems for motorcycles, both road and racing.

The company is one of the most advanced in the sector and we seek perfection in every aspect. We use the best materials such as titanium, Inconel and carbon fibre. The best welding techniques, such as TIG/MIG welding. We continue to update and innovate the equipment sector: 3D laser cutting, automated electric tube benders with controlled axes, CNC machining centres, metal micro shot peening machines, various CNC laser marking stations and an internal painting booth.

It is above all thanks to the joint work of the best human resources and the specialised technicians available in the mechanical and motorcycle sectors, that SC-Project exhausts can be an excellence admired all over the world.

A product completely “Made in Italy”, which combines industrial quality and craftsmanship.