SC-Project official technical supplier team JiR - 2011 Moto2 World Championship

After various trials and tests on tracks and on the testing ground of many exhausts dedicated to the new Moto2 category, the JiR team, led by Gianluca Montiron, chose for their 2011 version of the MotoBi Moto2, the 4-1 full performance titanium exhaust produced by the Italian SC-Project. The exhaust, made ​​completely of titanium with a conical manifold of variable diameter, equips the motorcycle of the talented racer Alex De Angelis of San Marino. The exhaust, specifically designed to blend with the characteristics of the Moto2 propulsion system, is the ultimate expression of


technology applied to the motorcycling competition field and is the result of numerous static and dynamic studies of exhaust gas flow combined with innumerable tests on the testing ground and on the track. The objective of the SC-Project factory has been to better optimise the evacuation of exhaust gases, ensuring the absolute tops in terms of torque and maximum power in championships where a few more hp can make a difference in trials and in races. Another very important parameter is the reduction in weight; for this, the use of materials is restricted exclusively to high-grade titanium and fibrous carbon which originated in the aeronautics industry. The manifolds in full titanium have variable diameters and conicity and are available in many types of exhaust systems according to the type of track where the motorcycle is be used; welding is ​​completely done by hand with TIG technology in a protected atmosphere. The tailpipes are realised ​​entirely in titanium and each component, whether internal and external, is manufactured with maximum care, solely in titanium, while the exterior casing is available in both fibrous carbon and in titanium of reduced thickness.


Gianluca Montiron – JiR Moto2 Team Principal:   “We have reached an exclusivity agreement with SC-Project for such an important element of the motorcycle as the exhaust system. Before making our decision we were very impressed by its performance and the professional approach showed by the company. Being able to rely on a technical development is important as well as the willingness to build a commercial partnership that could let the company interact with its clients around the world with such a promotional vehicle as the rider and the team of JiR. We have built up a fresh new partnership and I hope that together we can aim at ambitious targets in our first year of collaboration.”


After decades on the World scene, the Team managed by Gianluca Montiron takes advantage of a squad of capable, motivated and well integrated professionals, who put all their experience from different divisions of motorsport into the team. All share the objective of supporting the aims of the Team:

- The Moto2 technical structure, headed by the engineer Pietro Caprara.

- A marketing and communication division that sides the technical workgroup managing the public relations with press, sponsors and fans.

- A logistics management office which takes care of the team’s movements both for people and materials, paying attention to any details.

- The JiR’s Hospitality division, who moves a huge amount of machines that follows many events, including the World Championship.

- During 2011 a new commercial division will be born and will take care of selling machines and spare parts of the same machines used by JiR in Moto2 and – next year – also Moto3

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Motorbike: TSR Moto2 World Championship
JiR has a technical partnership with TSR, the Japanese manufacturer that provides the frame.
JiR build his machin taking advantage of the expertise of its technical partners, headed by MotoBI who gives also its name to the bike.
The glorious Italian brand MotoBI, beside competitions, sells today a broad range of machines destined for the road.
With its partner JiR wanted to build a long term relationship to create a technical project that is innovative and exclusive.